CIMI Project Management

Crating - Provide the highest level of protection against damage and loss of goods.


Cross-docking - Facilitate unload of goods from inbound delivery vehicles and immediately loading them onto outbound vehicles, eliminating warehouse storage costs, inventory handling and deliver product faster.

  • Retail Cross Docking - Consolidates products onto vehicles bound for individual stores.

  • Manufacturing Cross Docking - One company receives product from another and uses cross docking to ship those products to manufacturing plants for final assembly.

  • Distributor Cross Docking - Multiple orders into one large one order to vendor's multiple clients.

  • Opportunistic Cross Docking - Production facility to DC center to transport. Designed to meet deadlines.

White Glove - Delivery, unpacking, removal/disposal of packing materials at your room of choice.

Trade Shows - Ensure booth and materials arrive in a secure and timely manner providing confidence in the success of Trade Show.

Special Projects - Project Management Team dedicated to providing solutions from the everyday challenges to the unique opportunities presented for growth. 

Hazardous Materials - Manage all aspects of the transportation of hazardous material; permits, ensure drivers have proper training and certification.

Sand Coordinator - Manage and assist and guiding trucks on well sites and loading yards to prevent accidents and optimize productivity


Others - What are your needs?  We welcome the opportunity to work on new projects